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04.Project Management

LSCG provides construction and portfolio oversight services including management, capital planning, and execution. Project types include office buildings, commercial spaces, retail spaces. Our extensive project management expertise creates quality buildings and tenant spaces that meet any business requirements.

We work with investors and tenants to ensure cost effective execution of capital plans. You may be considering any of the following:

  • Strategic plan and consultancy: Revaluate project costs based on specialized analysis, and ensure project scheduling and transition strategy; reducing operation and personnel costs, improve efficiency and increase flexibility of operation.
  • Tenant improvement: For tenant improvements, our Project Manager will be your advocate and advisor, charged with coordinating work letters and related lease provisions, managing construction costs, communicating base building definitions, ensuring schedules and commencement dates are met, and identifying landlord obligations and commitments during construction.
  • Construction management: We will oversee every step of your construction project, including site review, organization and logistics, reporting, design and construction management, quality assurance, performance measurement, and billing administration. Mainly, during the construction phase, we manage the quality, the cost, the progress, the on-site safety, the document, and ensure a smooth communication and coordination of all project participants.
  • Design and review: This brings a third opinion for customers to assist them better control quality of design and its accuracy; at the meantime, it can save costs for construction, and reduce the possibility of abrupt changes.
  • Transaction consulting: By integrating projects into transactions we draw upon all relevant expertise throughout our organization to analyze a real estate opportunity and to deliver a holistic solution that encompasses all characteristics of a client's space occupancy.

Project Financing

LSCG is highly appreciated in our financing services. During the process of financing the estate project, our professional team is familiar with relevant laws of real estate and company law, regulations and policies; we are familiar with market situation of real estate development, the development of finance, all kinds of financing methods and characteristics of financing modes; we also possess rich knowledge of financial management, understand the standard of investment and key issues that affect investment decisions. We are able to evaluate project value, and design the financing plans based on practical situation of the project and demands of developing enterprises. We can also introduce specific projects to investors based on practical situation, and provide information by analyzing with proficiency.

Hotel Acquisition

With the tendency of more and more Chinese tourists go abroad, Chinese investors are in hot pursuit. Purchasing British hotels becomes one of their most favorite investment projects.
LSCG have successfully provided assistance for Chinese investors to purchase British hotels, positively helped clients search for projects, and went through the complicated purchasing process with experiences. In 2013, for example, the company assisted a large Chinese state-owned enterprise to accomplish the project of purchasing a British hotel.

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