Leeyoon Chee

Head of Property Management


Graduated from a science and a business degree in UK both with scholarships, multilingual, has a unique combination of two disciplines. Strongly believe in maximising business system and building solid client relationships for business to sustain in a competitive environment. Analytical, logical, strong integrity and reliable, have 6 years UK working experience, together with 3 years South East Asia property exposure. Have a vision to bring in Asian investor into the European property market and vice versa. Had been working alonside Asia's private developers therefore understand Asian investor requirements and shortfalls in terms of investor awareness and their knowledge of the European market. Joined Celestial Globe in 2013, started in Letting and Property Management and now move to specialise in property management and client relationships. Having work in both sides of the continents therefore able to understand the differences and to retain and build an excellent relationship among clients.